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In today's climate of high tech analysis and attitude to all materials handled in everyday use, we advise all gardeners to wear gloves when handling organic or inorganic soils and supplements.

Sundry Items Price List

Free delivery on these items when ordering over £30 of the other items for home delivery.

Aftercut Patch Fix Pack Box

Lawn seed, feed and urine neutraliser - repairs patches - play & shady areas & urine patches.

Collect £8.99/ 2.4kg box

All In One Aftercut Even Flo Spreader

Lawn treatment - feeds, conditions & kills weeds and moss. 7 day greening. COVERS 80m2

Collect £12.95/tub Covers 80m2

Slug Stop - Non toxic granules - 3kg box

Granules form a barrier around plants, can be used on edible and non-edible plants. Suitable for organic gardening

Collect £4.50/bag

Eraza Ant Killer Powder 300g tub

For ants & nests. Lasts up to 3 months.

Collect £2.99/bag

Eraza Slug & Snail Killer 800g

Does what it says on the tin! Showerproof - 5 times more effective than other brands.

Collect £4.99/bag

Gro-Sure Ericaceous Granules 900g Jar

Feed for ericacecous plants - feeds for up to 3months.

Collect £4.99/bag

Hero Paving & Decking Power Cleaner 2.5 litre

Blitzes algae, moss & mold, with added disinfectant - for up to 60m.

Collect £6.99/2.5 litre tub

Lawn Drop Spreader

Push along spreader for lawn feeds, etc.

Collect £23.99 each

Resolva 24H Ready to Use Weedkiller 3 litre liquid

Kills weeds, roots, grasses. DO NOT USE ON LAWNS. Kills all green plant growth.

Collect £12.99

Resolva 24H Ready to Use Weedkiller 1 litre spray

Kills weeds, roots, grasses. DO NOT USE ON LAWNS. Kills all green plant growth.

Collect £4.99

Deadfast Weedkiller

Systemic weedkiller – kills the entire plant. Contains Glyphosate.

Collect £3.99 / 1 litre

Collect £7.50 x 100ml sachets (makes up 1 litre)

Resolva Weed Killer for use on Lawns 3 litre

Kills weeds, but OK for lawns. Kills clover, daisies & buttercups.

Collect £12.99

Resolva Weed Killer for use on Lawns 1 litre

Kills weeds, but OK for lawns. Kills clover, daisies & buttercups.

Collect £5.99

Safelawn – Child and pet friendly lawn care – 80m2 spreader

100%Natural Organic Fertiliser. Safe for children and pets. Creates a stronger lawn.

Collect £7.99

Resolva Extra Tough Tree Stump Killer - 2 sachets per box

Treats up to 6 trees stumps. Follow instructions carefully - contains pesticides.

Collect £5.99

Sulphate of Ammonia Granules 1.5kg box

High nitrogen feed for veg, trees, shrubs & flowers

Collect £3.99/bag

Sulphate of Iron Granules 1.5kg box

For trees, shrubs & flowers. Makes soil more acidic - good for ericaceous plants for 4-6 weeks.

Collect £3.99/bag

Sulphate of Potash Granules 1.5kg box

For abundant flowering and fruiting.

Collect £3.99/bag

Surestart Shady Lawn Seed 10m²

For use around trees, buildings & bushes. Shade and drought tolerant. 25% faster establishment. Covers 10m²

Collect £6.99

Water Saving Gel 250g

Slow release moisture control. Compost stays moist for longer. For hanging baskets, windows, boxes, etc.

Collect £4.99/bag

Mole Repellent

Biodegradable. Deters moles from disturbing lawns and borders, without harming them.

Collect £6.99/100g box

Cat Repellent

Natural repellent, clay coated, blended with essential oils. Deters cats from digging and fouling.

Collect £5.99/500g tub

Home Delivery

The minimum order value for home delivery is £40. This applies to postcodes HX, HD, OL14 and the majority of BD with the exception of BD North Yorkshire.

For BD North Yorkshire and all other postcodes please visit our Home Delivery page for further information.

*Please note 'Delivered' means onto your property. Long carries or steps will not be undertaken unless by prior arrangement. Please contact us for more information.